Earring Backs

Earring Backs

When you are shopping for new earrings, you might want to learn more about earring backs. In this article, we will discuss the different types of backs and the benefits of each. Locking backs are the most secure. Jumbo and plastic backs are easier to manipulate. In this article, we will also explain Lever backs and plastic backs. These types are similar to friction backs. However, they are slightly easier to manipulate.


Locking earring backs are the most secure

The most secure earring backs are ones that lock into place. These backs prevent the earring from falling out of your ears. If you have small children who like to fiddle with their earrings, locking earring backs are the best option. They are also a safe bet if you have expensive earrings. You can get a lock with two notches on the earring post, which makes them even more secure.


Jumbo backs are easier to manipulate

If you need to insert and remove earrings, jumbo earring backs are easier to handle and manipulate than standard screwbacks. These backs have an indentation that helps them hold earring posts in place and can be manipulated more easily. They also offer greater stability, making them a good choice for large studs and other heavy earrings. Unlike standard screwbacks, jumbo earring backs can be easily manipulated and can be a great option for droopy earrings.


Plastic earring backs are similar to friction backs

When choosing a piercing back, you'll probably have to choose between friction and silicone. The former uses friction in the metal to hold earring posts, while the latter utilizes silicone. Friction is a tried-and-true earring back design, which has only recently been challenged by silicone backs. Friction backs are the most common type of earring backs, but silicone and plastic earring backs are both effective and inexpensive.


Lever backs are similar to friction backs

Both friction and lever back earring post types are similar. The friction back is a more secure style than the friction one, but it can be prone to loss and irritation due to the size of its threaded posts. This type of back is also more expensive than friction backs, and people with sensitive ears may prefer lever backs. But they do need a little extra care and maintenance.


Push backs are the least secure

Although pushbacks are easy to put on and take off, they are not the most secure earring backs. Unlike friction backs, push backs do not fit all types of earrings. Their design is such that a push back slides onto an earring post against the lobe. The back has scrolls of metal that press against the post. The friction back is held in place by a light spring tension. They are inexpensive, easy to put on and take off, and come in many different sizes. The smaller versions of friction backs are the least secure.