Earring Backs - Screw, Friction, Or French Wire

Earring Backs - Screw, Friction, Or French Wire

You can wear your earrings with screw, friction, and French wire backs. Here, we'll talk about their pros and cons. These backs are the most common for earrings, but they aren't always the best option. This article will help you decide which back type is best for your needs. You may be surprised by how much money you can save if you choose a different style! So, keep reading! You'll be glad you did!


Screw backs

Screw back earrings are the most secure type of earring post. A screw back is secured to the earring post with a nut. You must unscrew it completely to take them off, but they're less likely to come off or fall off. A screw back will last for many years if properly maintained. During their lifetime, screw back earrings can be worn and enjoyed for years. Here are some tips for caring for your screw backs.


Friction backs

There are many styles of earring backs. Most stud earrings feature friction backs. They work on a very basic principle: a precious metal post is inserted into the ear and a flexible nut slides over it. Depending on the style, friction backs can range from lightweight and flimsy to heavy and uncomfortable. The type you choose is entirely up to you and your preference. Friction backs are the most common type of back.


French wires

Leverback earrings feature a hinged closed mechanism on top. Similar to French wire earrings, these can be embellished with beads, pearls, or other findings. There are also many variations of these earrings, but for the purposes of this article, we'll focus on leverbacks. They are the least expensive option, and they have two rubber backs to prevent them from falling out. But, before you buy your next pair of French wire earrings, make sure to know what you're getting yourself into.


Kidney wires

If you love wearing dangling earrings, why not try a pair of kidney wires in back earrings? Kidney wires in back earrings are lightweight and secure, perfect for everyday wear. These earrings have a thin wire that hooks in the back completely. Since the wire hooks close completely around the wire hook, there's no need for an earring stopper or backing. These earrings are available in a variety of metals, including sterling silver, gold fill, stainless steel, plated brass, and 14k White and Yellow Gold.



If you're looking for an elegant piece of ear jewelry that's sure to make a big style statement, consider purchasing a pair of Leverbacks earrings. These dangling earrings are perfect for drawing attention to your lower neck. They can also elongate your neck. Leverbacks are a timeless design that will never go out of style. So, what's the best way to wear Leverbacks earrings?


Clip on earring backs

If you don't have pierced ears, a good alternative is earring backs with clips. Clips are hinged and hold the earrings securely in place. These are great for people who don't want to pierce their ears, as they make taking them on and off a breeze. The best part about earring backs is that they're comfortable, and are an excellent foundation for any earring design. There are many styles of clip earring backs available, from the classic to the modern.