Earring Boxes - How to Make Yours As Meaningful As Your Earrings

Earring Boxes - How to Make Yours As Meaningful As Your Earrings

An earring box serves a practical purpose and is a popular choice for storing your earrings. It keeps them safe from tangles and other hazards, but it should be just as meaningful as your earrings themselves. Many earring collectors use an earring box as a decorative piece of furniture. Listed below are some of the most beautiful types of earring boxes you can purchase. You can also personalize the earring box to display the meaning of your jewelry.


earring box is designed to protect your earrings from tangles

An earring box is designed to keep your earrings from tangling. It can be used in many ways, but ideally, it should be made of clear plastic with removable compartments so you can keep different kinds of jewelry in each one. You can also use an empty lip balm container as an earring box. If you don't have a jewelry box, use a plastic Ziploc bag or shoe box lined with bubble wrap. In a pinch, you can also use a plastic pill organizer.

Often, your earrings are attached to a plastic or paper card. If you've lost your earring card, you can recreate it with a cardboard. Simply poke two holes in the card, thread the earrings onto it, and then tap the hooks to the back. For longer earrings, you can use a business card. Earrings often get lost due to their length, so this solution can be a lifesaver.


It is a favorite of earring collectors

Many people who collect earring pieces do so for a variety of reasons. Some collect them for their physical beauty; others collect them for the religious or social significance they hold. Earring collectors are also interested in the history behind them. In putting these pieces into their historical context, collectors preserve the history of the women who wore them. This is part of what makes earring collecting such a popular hobby.


It should be as meaningful as your jewelry

If you want your earring box to be as meaningful as your jewelry, think about the things you do together and how it connects you. It could be something simple like a mug of coffee or the remote control in your home. If this doesn't suit your style, try placing it next to a special object you use every day, such as your favorite mug. Even better, you can tuck the box inside a stuffed animal.

To make your jewelry presentation even more meaningful, you could invite your significant other's boss to deliver it at work. You'd be surprised by their unexpected participation. Even if your relationship doesn't involve the boss, you'll likely be in touch with them regularly. And if they're not available to receive the jewelry, you'll be surprised at the thought. It would also make your earring box more meaningful than the jewelry itself!