How to Buy a Sterling Silver Chain

When shopping for a sterling silver chain, consider its durability, cost, X-ray test, and hypoallergenic properties. All of our products are made of 100% sterling silver, and we also make sure that they are nickel-free. Read on to find out more! Now you know how to buy a sterling silver chain. Let's get started! Here's a guide to finding the best one for you. And don't forget to check out our blog for more helpful tips.


One of the main considerations when selecting a Sterling Silver Chain is its durability. This type of chain must be able to hold the weight of the pendant it is attached to. While fine link thickness and width can hold heavier chains, they can cause wear and tear as well. Another consideration is the shape and style of each link. Certain styles are more durable than others. Some chains can be repaired and brought back to their former glory.


How much does a sterling silver chain cost? The price of a sterling silver chain depends on several factors, including the type of chain, the complexity of the links, and the weight of the product. It can cost as little as 20£ for a simple large link chain, or upwards of 90£ for a large loop chain. The difference in price is largely due to the time and effort it takes to make the chain.


When choosing a necklace, a hypoallergenic one should be nickel free. This is essential as metals like nickel can cause an allergic reaction on sensitive skin. While most reactions to jewellery are mild, there have been a few instances of a person being admitted to the hospital after having a severe reaction to a piece of jewellery. To avoid such a reaction, make sure you purchase a hypoallergenic sterling silver chain.

X-ray test

In case you are planning to purchase a sterling silver chain for yourself, you should know how to test its purity. There are several ways to do this. A popular way is by using an X-ray test. However, you should be aware that this method cannot guarantee its accuracy. Instead, it should be treated as a stepping-stone to another method. The best way to find out if the chain you've bought is pure silver is to take it to a jewellery seller.


Unlike most silver objects, the silver used to make a sterling-silver chain can get dirty with time. Though the silver does not tarnish as quickly as other silver objects, it will eventually lose its shine. The cause of tarnish is multiple and includes exposure to humidity, air, and sunlight. Here's how to clean a sterling-silver chain to keep it sparkling and looking new.


You may be wondering how to properly store your sterling silver chains. First of all, keep them away from sunlight, heat, and moisture. This will prevent them from tarnishing. Make sure to store them separately, if possible, and do not mix them with other jewelry or items. You can also purchase anti-tarnish cloths, which absorb sulfur and moisture from the air. These cloths are often chemically treated to prevent tarnishing.