How to Choose a Stylish Silver Bangle

Apart from enhancing your beauty, wearing silver bangles can be beneficial for your health as well. Wearing silver bracelets helps prevent various diseases and infections and has been proven to be an excellent immune system booster. It is a great way to prevent colds and flu as it fights numerous viruses and bacteria. It also expands blood vessels, encouraging rapid bone formation and healing of various parts of the body. If you're looking for a silver bracelet, read on!

Sterling silver

Whether you wear them casually or dress them up, sterling silver bangles will always look stylish. They are versatile and match almost everything. There are two common styles: plain and eye-catching. Sterling silver bangles have an intricate design, while 18k gold bangles are crafted with diamonds. A simple yet striking design is the most popular choice. Here are a few tips for choosing a stylish silver bangle.

18k yellow, white and rose gold

Rose gold is an alloy of gold, copper, and sometimes silver, and is a soft pink in color. Because it doesn't tarnish and is more resistant to wear and tear, rose gold is a popular choice for jewelry. Like other types of gold, rose gold will only get better with age. Many people prefer rose gold because it complements all skin tones. It is the least expensive metal among the three, and is not as easily available as other types.


The SPERO collection of sterling silver bangles is a classic, timeless, and elegant way to wear your precious jewelry. This sterling silver bangle is designed by Spero, a strong silversmith who created iconic designs for Spero London. She is one of the most prominent female designers in the world and her timeless designs have set new standards in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Spero's signature style, the "Spero," is the symbol of staying together.

Daisy silver bracelet 

This sterling silver daisy bracelet features eight delicate flower-like strands, seven of which are silver and one has a white enamel back. The daisy is a symbol of springtime, optimism, and nature, and its slender, waved bars resemble stems. The flowers, which are dotted evenly, feature clear cubic zirconia details. The bracelet moves with the wearer, adding a touch of spring to any look. Inspired by the daisy flower, this bracelet is the perfect gift for young women alike.

Bangle binding ring 

The Spero bangle binding ring is a striking piece of contemporary Swedish jewellery. Created in sterling silver, the bangle is an ideal piece of jewelry for a woman's wrist. The stylish bracelet comes in five sizes. Spero is known for her minimalist style and her ability to create beautiful pieces of jewellery that complement the wearer's style. Listed below are some of her most popular pieces:

Spero bangle

The Spero London bangle has a simple, ergonomic design. The design features a ring-shaped charm and a curved hook-inspired clasp. It is part of the Spero collection and is available in five different sizes. This piece is made of sterling silver and 18-karat yellow gold, and is made to be worn on both wrists. It comes in a gift box and is available online at the Spero London website.

Spero London

 If you are looking for a unique and beautiful bracelet, consider a Spero London silver bangle. These handmade bracelets combine both design and craft to create a unique piece that can be worn on its own or stacked with others to make a bold statement. You can find a bangle that matches your outfit, as well as your personality and mood. There are several different types of bracelets to choose from, including 18k gold, sterling silver, and diamond.