How to Choose Snakebite Earrings

How to Choose Snakebite Earrings

Whether you're in the market for new snakebite earrings, or are considering adding a piercing to your lip, here are a few tips for choosing them. After all, you don't want to put your piercing at risk. This article will explain how to choose the right snakebite earrings, as well as a variety of other designs for the pierce. Read on to learn more!


Two piercings stacked close together on your helix

These earring designs are not for everyone, but for those who want to spice up a simple lobe piercing, snakebite on the helix is a stylish option. Alternatively, you can also pair them with a daith piercing. You will look like an edgy cyborg with this chic piercing.


One-sided snakebite piercing

After your one-sided snakebite piercing, you may want to consider some healing methods for the piercing site. It is important to wash with a saline solution to prevent infection. This should be done at least twice a day and more often if possible. You should avoid using ordinary salt because it could harm the snakebite area. Also, avoid getting the piercing done while your body is still healing.


Labret studs

The most popular labret piercing designs are rings, horseshoes and labret studs with snakebite. Getting this piercing done is not a very serious medical condition, but it can cause pain and a small amount of trauma to your skin and gums. You should be very careful when choosing labret studs as they may not look good on you. It is important to choose a piercing salon for this purpose because you will need to have it cleaned regularly. If you choose the wrong piercing, you may end up damaging your teeth.



When purchasing snakebite earrings and rings, you must make sure to choose the right size. Snake bite piercing jewellery varies in appearance, sensitivity, and durability. Titanium is highly recommended for those with sensitive skin. The metal is available in a variety of colours and has high-quality lustre that is hard to match. A typical ring or earring is 14G or 16G, but you can always find something in between.

Silver studs

Whether you want to add a splash of color to your look or spice up your minimalist style, Snakebite studs are a great choice. These piercings usually consist of two piercings on the lower lip. However, you can also choose to pierce multiple ear lobes, allowing you to stack your Snakebite studs with other studs.