How to Choose Your Wedding Jewellery

How to Choose Your Wedding Jewellery

When planning your wedding, you'll be faced with the problem of deciding on the wedding jewellery. It is important to choose the right type of jewellery, and the right wedding decorations will go a long way in ensuring a harmonious look. If you are unsure of where to start looking, there are countless online jewelry shops that offer perfectly-matched jewelry sets. Below are a few tips to consider when choosing your wedding jewellery. These are sure to make the process much easier.


Trends in bridal jewellery

If you're planning to tie the knot soon, you'll want to pay close attention to bridal jewellery trends for this season. Pearls are a perennial favourite, but new trends have emerged this year, including pom-poms, large diamonds, and detachable pieces. Brides want their jewellery to be versatile, so they're looking for pieces that can be worn on different occasions. A detachable necklace will accent any outfit and go well with any outfit.

As far as trends go, pearls and other non-precious gemstones have become a popular choice in bridal jewellery. Pearl balls are also becoming increasingly popular. A recent trend is to replace pearls with a gold outer shell. A trend that isn't necessarily a bad idea is to go for a ring with a contrasting color, so that the bride's dress can stand out. Buying a ring in white gold will go well with any outfit, as well.


Meaning of Indian wedding jewellery

While western weddings usually use rings, the tradition in India has its own set of rules for wearing wedding jewellery. While rings are used to signify marriage, many women wear bindis or other hand ornaments on their heads or feet. This symbolic jewelry is believed to protect the wearer and signal the wife's status as a married woman. Foot ornaments are also worn in the wedding ceremony to preserve the energy of the wearer and promote healthy menstrual cycles. Religious jewelleries also represent faith and have a specific design, and are worn for protection against evil spirits.

Bridal jewellery in India has symbolic meanings that go beyond ornamental purposes. The wearing of a wedding necklace, for instance, represents the bride's status as a married woman. It is also considered an auspicious gift. The most auspicious wedding jewellery is gold. Other popular wedding jewellery includes nose ornaments and bangles. Often, a bridal jewelry piece is attached to the bride's nose and carries a special meaning. For example, a nose ring indicates the bride is of marriage age, while earrings suggest her mental and physical health.


Styles of bridal jewellery

While diamonds are a classic choice, brides nowadays are a bit fashion-conscious, and they don't mind wearing artificial jewellery. However, diamonds are not as unique anymore, and their sparkle can lose half their value within a few decades. That is why brides can use diamond rental services to pick the style of their choice. In this way, the bride is able to select her wedding ring and the jewellery she will wear to match the theme of her wedding.

Choker neckless: A popular type of bridal jewellery, a choker neckless is a classic choice for the modern bride. It looks beautiful with high collared blouses, and is fashionable when combined with several necklines. Satlada Haars are versatile pieces that can be worn on many occasions, and are the essence of bridal silk attire. Gold chokers, long or short, should not be layered with other jewellery.


Places to buy bridal jewellery

If you're planning a wedding, you may be wondering where you can buy the most beautiful and affordable pieces. There are many places to buy bridal jewellery, and a good place to start is in New York. This Manhattan jeweler has a selection of vintage-inspired engagement rings and wedding bands, including vintage-style engagement rings, which retail for more than $10,800 each. In addition, the store has a wedding annex that aims to be the antithesis of the traditional jewelry counter.

Located on Fifth Avenue, SOHO GEM offers a variety of bridal jewelry styles and prices. It offers bridal and everyday-jewellery from popular designer brands, as well as affordable in-house labels. There is also a selection of heirloom gemstones, which they'll be happy to work with, and a dedicated team of designers. Guests can even book appointments to try on bridal jewellery for a free consultation.