How to Properly Store Your Sterling Silver Necklace

To preserve your sterling silver necklace, you should keep it in air-tight plastic or cloth storage bags. If necessary, you can also add moisture-absorbing materials. Keep your silver away from other metals, wood, and rubbers as these substances can contribute to tarnishing. Keeping your necklace away from direct sunlight can help reduce tarnishing. Keep it away from oxidizing agents. You can also store it in its original box in your jewelry box.

92.5% pure silver

How do you know if a necklace is 92.5% pure silver? The hallmark on a sterling silver necklace lets you know the metal is pure. It also shows the maker and other information you might want to know. Most countries require that jewelry have a hallmark. To check if your necklace is genuine, you can use a magnet to test it. This is especially helpful if you are buying a silver necklace for a child.


Choosing a lead-free sterling silver necklace is important for several reasons. Lead is not the only danger posed by this metal, however. Many other jewelry items can contain lead. For example, a necklace made of a high-volume metal, such as brass, may contain as much as 90 percent lead. Moreover, many enamels, like those found on charms, also contain lead, whether it is surface enamel or the charm itself. Finally, ceramic items can contain high amounts of lead as well. 


While a lot of sterling silver jewelry is hypoallergenic, some low-quality pieces contain metal elements that are highly allergenic. Nickel, a common filler element, is one such allergen. To avoid a reaction, it is best to avoid jewelry containing large amounts of nickel. If you're unsure whether a piece of jewelry is hypoallergenic, read the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure its quality.


If you're looking for a lightweight necklace that looks elegant, consider this one. This sterling silver necklace features faceted gray quartz stones wire-wrapped together in clusters. Wear it straight or double it up for different looks. It measures approximately 45 cm. To redeem the discount, visit the website of the company and enter the code 'LIGHTNIGHT' at the checkout. Coupons are valid for 12 months. Only purchases made online are eligible.

Easy to clean

Cleaning your silver necklace is easy and safe if you follow some simple steps. You need a microfiber cloth, some dish soap, baking soda, toothpaste, or even aluminum bath. Make sure to scrub your necklace gently by rubbing it between your fingers. Always avoid using too much of a cleaning solution or any product with abrasive properties. If you do not want to use water, you can also use an abrasive substance such as sandpaper to clean your necklace.