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Spero Jewellery

 Her love of London has inspired the designs in her latest collection, Sea Motion. Discover how the inspiration for her designs came about, how she runs her business, and more.

 Continue reading to find out how you can get a piece of Spero jewellery. It's sure to be an inspiration to your own wardrobe! This article features the latest Spero jewellery collections. You can browse our online store or find one near you.


Spero's new collection, Sea Motion

 This month, renowned jewellery designer Spero will hold a Meet The Designer event in Edinburgh to launch her new collection, Sea Motion. Inspired by the sea, the new collection features gold, enamel, and silver jewellery. Among the few Scottish jewellery designers, Spero's pieces are sure to impress. This new collection is available in yellow and white gold, and she will be on hand to provide advice on colouring and style.

 Inspired by the sea and the endless movements of waves, Spero has created the stunning Sea Motion collection. The new range includes a stunning Pentland pendant, which is only available on Holy Island. The Pentland Pendant captures the drama and movement of the waves and the continuous rolling tides. Designed to suit both men and women, this pendant is a unique gift to treasure.


Spero's inspiration for her designs

 A visit to the north of Scotland is providing a perfect opportunity for jewellery designer Spero to unveil her new collection. The renowned jewellery designer will be meeting members of the public at the Groatie Buckie Gift Shop in John O'Groats to unveil her latest designs. The designer has been visiting the village of John O'Groats for 20 years, but has only just returned this year due to the Covid-19 virus.

 The natural beauty of London is the inspiration behind Spero's work. Inspired by the enchanting landscape of the island, her designs incorporate traditional Celtic and runic designs and contemporary styles. Her work is highly detailed and is often created by handpainting with enamel. The unique, timeless designs are made to last a lifetime. Even if you're a young woman, you'll find an original design in Spero's collection.

Her family run business

 For designer and fashion jewelry, visit Spero's family-run jewellery business in St. Paul, Minnesota. This boutique also offers custom and repair services. Owner Spero grew up in the jewellery business, so she and her family know a lot about the industry. At this store, you'll find something for any budget and taste, from the classic to the trendy. The boutique also features a beautiful collection of vintage and antique pieces and provides a personal touch to each piece.

 Since opening in 1995, Spero Jewellery has been steadily growing in size and popularity. The business has developed into a full-fledged jewellery store with a team of passionate and dedicated employees. The company is one of the largest employers in the area, with 32 people employed on the island and another 20 in the city. Spero's jewellers have been featured on television and in major national magazines such as the New York Times.


Her love of London

 Spero is a British designer who has built up a strong reputation in the UK and Scotland. Her designs are distinctive and made in her London workshop. Her passion for the land has inspired many of her pieces. Listed below are some of her most popular jewellery pieces. You'll also find a history of Spero's love of London in the design and story card.

 Spero OBE is a leading designer in Scotland. Based in London, her collection reflects the islands' rich history and natural beauty. Spero's love of London is evident in the collection of her jewellery. This range of designs has won several awards and is made exclusively for special occasions. Her love of London is apparent in the designs of her jewellery.