Spero Jewellery

Spero Jewellery

 Spero jewellery is a symbol of glamour, romance, and playfulness. The brand was created by Spero when she couldn't find any jewelry that she liked. Its jewelry is comfortable, versatile, and unfussy, but still tells a story. It is adapted to the growing number of women who buy jewellery for themselves. The brand has several London boutiques and concessions at Harvey Nichols.


Spero jewellery is a symbol of glamour

 Spero jewellery embodies glamour and beauty. The jewellery features gemstones, such as 18kt gold and diamonds, and birthstones, which have astrological significance. The designs also feature intricate details, such as lockets, which can store a small photo. This jewellery also has a Russian influence, with designs inspired by landscapes of the country. In addition to being a symbol of glamour, Spero jewellery is a reflection of the brand's global reputation.


It is romantic

 Spero jewellery is elegant and feminine. The pieces are made with 14kt or 18kt gold and set with precious gemstones, including GIA-certified diamonds. The Queen of Charms is also one of Spero's trademarks. She has a lifelong fascination with small trinkets. Her jewellery reflects this interest. The designs are romantic and evocative, conveying a variety of feelings.


It is playful

 British jeweller Spero Ducas has been creating beautiful pieces for over thirty years. Her playful designs are the result of her love of colour and her appreciation of gemstones. Her collection of jewellery includes octagon cut Fuli peridot, pink sapphire, and malachite. Inspired by Art Deco, her designs incorporate symmetrical patterns and a hint of surprise. Regardless of your style, Spero jewellery is sure to make a statement.


It is versatile

 A classic piece of Spero jewellery is always appropriate for any occasion. A double row bracelet with delicate seed pearls is an elegant choice. The jewellery designer also sourced a ring featuring a jet black diamond and set it in ninek gold. Pearls are a versatile stone, and Spero used a delicate seed pearl for the ring. The result is a piece that can be worn with a variety of other pieces.


It is designed by women for women

Spero Ross's business philosophy is rooted in a love of what she makes and creates. She designs her jewellery with the aim of being comfortable, versatile and timeless. To create an appeal among women, Spero designs pieces that are both elegant and unique. She also mentors girls' school programmes and supports Give A Future, a charity which promotes the empowerment of women.


It is made in 18ct gold

 Fine Spero jewellery is available in a wide range of styles. The delicate gold letter charms can be worn singly or layered together. They can also be worn as interchangeable cufflinks. Each piece is designed to suit any occasion. These earrings are adjustable and feature diamond-accented cups. Spero jewellery is made in 18ct gold. The 18ct gold used to create the jewellery is hand textured to simulate the silky butterfly detail.


It is made from precious gemstones

 Most of Spero's creations are handmade, from the finest quality materials. Her intricate designs feature precious gemstones, including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Some pieces are designed to map out a wearer's life and travels. The designs reveal the origins and destinations of the charms, while others capture precious moments in solid gold.