Spero Jewellery

Spero Jewellery

 A British brand of luxury jewelry, Spero Jewelry is designed by renowned fashion buyer Spero Dennahy. While traveling the world as a buyer, Dennahy came to realize that many brands she admired were out of her price range. Seeing this gap in the market, she launched her own line to bridge the gap between fashion and fine jewelry. It's been a success story of remote working, design competitions, and a strong Instagram audience.


Spero's design competition

 Gemstone-set jewellery designer Spero is holding a design competition! It is open to anyone who wants to be creative and have their design included in a collaborative collection! All you need to do is submit a hand sketch or digital design before the deadline of April 13th 2020. Winners will receive PS500 cash and their designs will be tested on the brand! There are many rewards for winning! Read on to find out more!

 Spero's designs have been featured in the St. Louis American, Artnews, Burn Away, UC San Diego News Center, and Triennale di Milano. Her work has also been featured in Represent: 200 Years of African American Art, The School, and Winter in America. During the competition, she has received numerous commissions and has received much positive feedback from her clients. Her designs are featured in many art books and galleries, including Represent: 200 Years of African American Art, 30 Americans, and The National Gallery of Art.


The company's remote working ethos

 Remote working is a growing trend. Companies are realizing the benefits of hiring diverse talent across borders, states, and countries. The company's remote working ethos is built on transparency and democratization of power, which has resulted in greater employee productivity. At Buffer, for instance, there are no office buildings and nearly 80 percent of the workforce is remote. The remote working ethos has spawned multiple startup companies and is becoming an industry standard for many tech firms.

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Its Instagram audience

 The rise of the social media platform has been a major success story for Spero jewellery. The brand's affordable luxury jewellery has attracted a cult following on Instagram. Recently, Spero launched its first fragrance, promising a warm and radiant scent with notes of amber, lily of the valley and jasmine. It also released two new duochrome-finish eyeshadow shades for holiday.

The striking filters and updates that make the social media site so popular are a major draw for online jewelry retailers. Approximately 90 percent of the world's top brands use Instagram, and the engagement rate there is nearly 10 times higher than that on Facebook. Hence, there's no better place to advertise your jewelry brand than on Instagram. But how do you attract potential customers? A well-curated, compelling Instagram feed can increase engagement.


Its team

 Brand Building, one of the UK's most respected PR firms, has been appointed to handle the PR for Spero Jewellery. The company was founded in October 2015 by Spero, who had spent more than a decade in the fashion industry. While working for one of the leading retail brands, she had spotted an opportunity to create an ethical jewellery brand that would satisfy the growing demands of consumers.

 With a background in psychology, Spero leads a team of talented people across the business's various functions. Many of them work remotely, which is essential given the nature of the business. The team adheres to a common ethos, allowing for flexibility and remote working. Since Spero is a self-confessed free spirit, she ensures that her business plan incorporates freedom and agility, while also maintaining a clear strategic framework.