Spero Jewellery

Spero Jewellery

If you are considering a new jewelry purchase, you should check out Spero jewellery. The designer,  Spero, has been in the business of making high-quality jewelry for over two decades. This article discusses his experiences in the industry and his passion for creating high-quality products. Read on to learn more about this brand. After all, it's not the first designer from the Philippines to make their mark on the world of jewelry.



 Spero is a jewelry brand that combines design and technology. He was one of the first jewelry companies to use social networking, posting teaser videos to YouTube that have been viewed by thousands of people all over the world. His unique approach to marketing has made his brand more popular than ever. In a world of high-profile designers, Spero is a great way to get your brand in front of a new audience.

 Founded in 2009, Spero has gained worldwide acclaim. Its designs have appeared in Rap-Up Magazine, OFW Magazine, and Star Magazine, among many other national and international media. As of October 2010, the line is available internationally. It is widely available in a variety of settings, from the Philippines to Hong Kong.  Spero jewellery is an investment in your future. It will last for generations.


 Spero's experience in the jewelry industry

 Spero's experience in the jewelry industry is extensive. He has worked for designer jewelry companies and diamond importers. During his time in these positions, he was responsible for special orders and customer service for several accounts. This exposure gave him a unique understanding of the manufacturing process, along with e-commerce. This background helped him to develop a successful online business.

 Throughout his career, Spero's designs have been featured in several major publications, including Rap-Up, OFW Magazine, and Star. His designs have been distributed both domestically and internationally. Aside from the US, Spero jewelry is now available internationally. Its diverse designs are influenced by the diversity of culture around the world. Hence, his jewelry line offers unique pieces to fit every taste.


Spero's passion for creating high-quality products

Born in London,  Spero was exposed to different cultures and grew to love art and fashion. He discovered the power of mixing art and design with trendsetting style at a young age. He later developed a passion for hip hop and other artistic forms. As a young adult, he traveled extensively and began to appreciate different cultures and their ways of life.

In addition to studying gemology,  Spero used his expertise to design and produce his own jewelry. He sourced gems and found a manufacturer for the first jewelry piece. Once the ring was completed,  Ross continued to expand his knowledge. He began working for a start-up online jewelry store. This experience gave him valuable insight into the business side of the jewelry industry and e-commerce.