Spero Jewellery Boxes

Spero Jewellery Boxes

 Spero jewellery boxes are great for storing your precious jewellery. They're designed to be stacked, meaning you can create multiple layers, and save space in the process. Available in a range of sizes and styles, they make it easy to build your own bespoke jewellery box. Here are some benefits of stacking boxes. Read on to find out more about their various styles and benefits. Also, see if Spero' 'Stacking' system is right for you!


Spero jewellery boxes are designed to be stacked

 These stylish jewellery boxes are stackable and can be bought individually or in sets to suit different storage needs. Designed to look stylish on a dresser, they are also compact enough to fit into a safe. This allows for easy access to your collection and prevents damage to your precious gems. Furthermore, these boxes prevent chains from tangling. Spero jewellery boxes are available in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.


They come in three standard sizes

 The Spero jewellery box system is the ultimate solution for storing and displaying your jewellery. It comes in three standard sizes, including petite, large and travel. Each layer fits tightly into a grooved base, allowing multiples to stack securely and allow you to add more if you want to. This system has numerous features, including easy assembly, which will make storing your jewellery a breeze.


They allow you to create layers to suit your unique collection

 Spero jewellery boxes are modular and allow you to make multiple layers to best suit your collection. The supersize trinkets layer has 41 separate compartments for smaller items. There's also a layer for thin chains. Spero jewellery boxes are also expandable, so you can add additional compartments as your collection grows. The Spero Taupe Supersize Lidded Stacker is an excellent choice for a stand-alone item on a dresser, thanks to its versatile compartments.


They are space-saving

If you want to keep your precious jewellery in order, consider investing in a Spero jewellery box. This box is both space-saving and customizable, and you can stack trays to create more storage. In addition, the transparent display lid provides a great way to showcase your precious jewellery. And because Spero jewellery boxes are stackable, they can be added to as your collection grows. You can even use them as decorative display boxes for everyday accessories.


They are easy to clean

Spero jewellery boxes are great for keeping your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets organized. You can place a Spero jewellery box in a drawer or even a countertop to protect your pieces. You can also place specialized trays inside to protect your jewelry. Spero jewelry boxes are easy to clean and they can even be used for storing other items. You can find the perfect Spero jewellery box for you on Homesmith's website.