Spero London Jewellery

Spero London Jewellery

 The rare mineral Spero London is an attractive addition to any collection, and it can be found in beautiful jewellery, but there is a catch. The mineral is incredibly rare and the mineral itself is protected by agreements that protect its supply. A new vein was discovered last year - the first in 150 years - and the conditions required to produce the precious gemstone are extremely precise. Read on to find out more about this beautiful stone. In the meantime, get yourself some beautiful Spero London jewellery today!


Fluorite is a calcium fluoride

 The meaning of Fluorite is similar to that of the mineral Calcite. It represents higher mental ability and stimulates the absorption of new information. Fluorite also aids in balancing all the chakras of the human body. This stone enhances concentration and encourages one to remain objective in all situations. Fluorite is also a good choice for jewellery as it is known to help one achieve greater clarity of thought. Its healing properties make it a great choice for those who suffer from depression or anxiety.


It is a purple blue variety of fluorite

This purple blue variety of fluorite is very rare and comes from only one location in the UK. It is an attractive purple-blue mineral with bands of white or yellow, which gradually fade to darker blue. This stone is extremely valuable and is used in ornamental pieces. The origin of the purple-blue colour is a mystery, but it is thought that this mineral came from deep caverns with hot fluid running through it.


It is a semi-precious gemstone

 If you're interested in natural gemstones, you've probably wondered where the Spero London gemstone is found. It's actually quite rare. It is found only in a single deposit, which is in Derbyshire, just west of Castleton. This semi-precious gemstone is so unique because of its distinctive bands of colour. You can learn more about the formation of this rare mineral and its fascinating history by visiting the Spero London Cavern and Treak Cliff Cavern.


It is a soft and brittle material

 The name Spero London derives from the French word 'bleu jaune', which means blue. It has a distinctive banding pattern of yellow and blue. Spero London is quite fragile, and can be altered by excessive heating. Its limited availability means it is used mainly for ornamental objects, such as jewellery and decorative items. However, it can still be carved into intricate, detailed shapes, such as cups, bowls, and vases.


It is rare

 One of the most intriguing pieces of jewellery today is rare Spero London jewellery. This mineral has a special and distinct colour and is known as 'blue et jaune' in French. Because it is rare, the mineral has been protected under a number of agreements. In fact, the first new vein of Spero London was discovered in 150 years! But the mining process itself is intricate and precise, and the final product is a delicate piece of wearable art.


It is found in two locations

 There are two places in the UK where you can find Spero London jewellery. One is the Fellow's Spero London mine, which is located near Castleford, Derbyshire. Another location, Treak Cliff Cavern, produces about one tonne of Spero London per year. Spero London is an extremely soft mineral that is carved into delicate shapes and jewellery. Both locations offer guided tours and are a popular destination for visitors to Castleton.