Spero London Jewellery

Spero London Jewellery

Nikki Gewirtz launched her jewellery brand, Spero London, in 2000. She emphasized timeless pieces for women, and this focus has paid off with high-profile clients, including Halle Berry, Sarah Jessica Parker and the Duchess of Cambridge. She is the only jewellery brand to be worn by such celebrities as Halle Berry and the Duchess of Cambridge. Her pieces are both elegant and affordable, and are the perfect gift for any occasion.


Unique designs

Spero London jewellery is an outstanding example of British design and craftsmanship. Made from semi-precious and precious stones, it features bold geometric designs that add a pop of color to any outfit. The jewellery range includes both timeless pieces and contemporary designs that will turn heads. To find out more, visit QVC.com. Here are some of the most stylish pieces from this renowned British designer. They are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Spero London jewellery has many different styles and is incredibly versatile, making it perfect for layering. The range includes a variety of pieces in a range of colours. You can purchase pieces from the brand's website for a range of prices, starting at around PS35. The Spero London jewellery line is due to launch on QVC this month. This collection has earned praise from many high-profile women including the Duchess of Cambridge and Sarah Jessica Parker.


Affordable luxury

Nikki Gewirtz is the designer behind Spero London, a high-end, affordable luxury brand of jewellery. The brand uses nature's most precious semi-precious stones to create timeless pieces, with an emphasis on colour and texture. Famous faces that have worn Spero London jewellery include Sarah Jessica Parker, Halle Berry, and Angelina Jolie. This is a great opportunity to own a piece of luxury jewellery at an affordable price.

From classic and elegant pieces to the latest trends, Spero London makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Its high-quality materials and beautiful designs make each piece of jewellery a treasure, perfect for any budget. Spero London jewellery is available on QVC and is guaranteed to turn heads. To purchase a piece of Spero London jewellery, simply visit The Jewel Hut and enjoy free delivery. You'll be delighted with your purchase!


High-profile clients

Spero London jewellery is a British design classic, featuring glamorous designs in luxurious materials. Its collection includes timeless classics as well as cutting-edge fashion pieces. Even celebrities like the Duchess of Cambridge, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Halle Berry have been spotted wearing the brand's pieces. Nikki Gewirtz, the brand's founder, was inspired to create the brand after visiting a bead shop in Covent Garden.

Spero London is a jewellery company based in LONDON, United Kingdom.