Spero London - The Epitome of Feminine, Quirky, and Wearable Style

Spero London - The Epitome of Feminine, Quirky, and Wearable Style

Handmade in London, Spero London jewelry is the epitome of feminine, quirky, wearable style. Inspired by nostalgia and nature, each piece is unique yet timeless. Choose from silver, 18K gold, and a combination of both for a truly unique look. Babs and Chantell first discovered Spero London at a small designer show in NYC and the jewelry quickly became a favorite of customers. You can't go wrong when you buy an Spero London piece!


Handmade in London

Inspired by nature, Spero London jewellery has been delighting the world of jewellery for over 30 years. From a small range of earrings and pendants to more extensive collections, the brand has been creating stunning jewellery for women who value effortless style. As well as working with prestigious institutions such as Buckingham Palace and Kew Gardens, the brand has also created pieces for Disney and their 'Beauty and the Beast' film.

Inspired by nature and British eccentricity, Spero London's fine handcrafted jewellery is utterly wearable and instantly recognisable. Handmade in London by a talented team of silversmiths, the collections are crafted with sterling silver and gold. Every piece is 100% English-made and backed by the label's promise to keep their ethical ethos at the forefront of their production. Their signature jewellery range includes gold bumble bee pendants and delicate letter necklaces.


Inspired by nature

Spero London has long been influenced by nature and its beauty. Inspired by the Suffolk countryside, his latest jewellery collection was created in collaboration with the RSPB. The iconic bumblebee, suspended from a delicate chain, was inspired by an orphaned bee that he and his daughters rescued in Suffolk. The designs in the jewellery range were created to raise money for the charity, and represent an appreciation for nature and wildlife.

The new collection from Spero London features three endangered British species - the harvest mouse, the turtle dove, and the curlew. Inspired by his childhood home in Suffolk, Alex developed a love of nature at a young age. His fascination for nature and animals led him to sketch every species he came across. His London boutique is located near the London Bridge. Whether you're looking for a unique gift for yourself or a loved one, Spero London jewellery is sure to be a hit.


Made to be worn

Inspired by nature, Spero London designs jewellery that is both original and unique. The British designer's inspirations stem from nature, Britishness, and affordability. He works with high quality materials to create pieces that will last for generations. Each piece can be customised to suit the wearer's personal style, including the stone and metal used. For example, a feather necklace may look like it was plucked from the wind, but is actually gold sealed for a longer-lasting look.

Made to be worn by Spero London is synonymous with British style, being both playful and feminine. The jewellery is ethically made in England and inspired by nature. Spero London grew up in the wilds of Suffolk in a large house with plenty of natural beauty. He is a keen nature lover, and he loves to incorporate that into his designs. In addition to nature, his jewellery is also crafted with recycled sterling silver and 22ct gold.


Made to be loved

For women who are devoted to natural materials, Spero London jewellery has a touch of nature that will impress the wearer. The feather necklace, for example, looks as if it has been plucked straight from nature and sealed in gold. The jewellery studio uses imagination and inspiration to make each piece unique. The rose earrings are strikingly different to other pieces and the bumble motif has a hint of movement. In addition to its natural feel, Spero London jewellery is made in England.

Created in London, Spero London jewellery is synonymous with British style. The pieces are feminine and fun, yet always wearable. The designer, Spero London, grew up in Suffolk in a big house, surrounded by nature. This grew him an eccentric childhood, and he was fascinated by the craftsmanship involved in making beautiful jewellery. Now, his unique designs have won over the hearts of women around the world. A true piece of art, each piece is unique and tells a story.