Tips For Choosing Jewellery For a Trapezoid Piercing

Tips For Choosing Jewellery For a Trapezoid Piercing

The tragus piercing is a popular body piercing for many people, but the sexy, oversized, and unusually shaped piece can be tricky to choose. A barbell is one choice, but you can also consider septum rings or Septum studs. Here are some tips for choosing tragus jewellery. You can also choose from Microbody Spiral tragus piercing jewellery.


Barbells are a good option

If you have a tragus piercing, you may want to consider getting a Barbell. This kind of ear piercing is easy to clean, and it won't put as much pressure on your piercing as other types do. You won't have to worry about the hoop pushing into your skin when you sleep or get up in the morning.

Another type of tragus piercing is a captive bead ring. These studs are usually made of gold and come in four sizes and two gauges, with an 18 g hoop being 6mm in diameter. For a more elaborate look, you can consider a pair of 14k gold handmade barbell earrings. These earrings have a three-mm ball on either end and screw into the hoop.


Septum rings are also a good choice

Septum rings are square-bottomed "U" shaped jewellery. They are made of metal and can either be worn up or down inside the septum. While a septum ring is a popular choice, the piercing may be difficult to heal if the ring spins through the piercing. Fortunately, there are several options for septum jewellery.

Tragus hoop jewelry is easy to clean. It also does not tend to snag, so it won't add any pressure to your piercing. It is also comfortable - you won't feel the hoop digging into your skin while sleeping. It is also ideal for women who are concerned about their appearance. You can also find tragus hoop jewellery online at sites such as Etsy or Amazon.


Septum studs

Septum piercing jewelry is a great choice for someone with an open septum. The tragus cartilage is an important part of the ear, helping us hear sounds when we are rear-facing. It also protects the external ear, or concha, from damage. This is the most common part of the ear to be pierced. It has been a popular choice for piercings for centuries, and people are attracted to the look.

There are a number of different tragus piercing jewelry styles. Septum studs are typically flat-backed labret-style bars. Other tragus piercing jewelry options include ball closure rings, hinged segment rings, and barbells. This piercing is a versatile location and allows for a variety of styles and designs. Most piercing salons will provide you with a free earring to try on, and you can change it out if you want to.


Microbody Spiral tragus piercing jewelry

If you have recently undergone tragus piercing, you may have wondered which type of jewelry to choose. You'll find that many of the options are flat-backs and that you can change the design to suit your mood and attire. If you're unsure of your piercing gauge, you can choose from Implant Grade Titanium (IGI), surgical stainless steel, or gold. Surgical stainless steel and 316L surgical steel are hypoallergenic, making them an excellent choice for tragus piercing jewelry.

If you want something a little more stylish, you should look into barbell earrings. These tragus studs are available in various styles, from a banana to a spiral. Often, these studs are small, so they don't stick out into the ear canal. Another good option for this piercing jewelry style is a small straight barbell with a gemstone or charm.